S3 Satellite

With the S3 satellite, it is possible to administer two chemical products on the same outlet.


Time is a scarce resource when cleaning in a food or beverage processing plant. The time allocated for cleaning procedures is often limited, and even little mishaps or short disruptions can cause delays in the production flow. So, it is crucial to optimize wherever possible. The S3 satellite enables you to minimize the time spent on the numerous subtle, but time-consuming, operations made during cleaning and maintenance.

S3 is designed with user-friendliness and simplicity in mind for easy operation. It can rinse, apply foam and disinfect*, and the large handle makes it easy to operate even with wet hands or gloves. It is available in two pressure ranges: 3-8 bar for connection to mains water supply and 15-25 bar for connection to a boosted water supply. Applicable for central, decentral and hybrid chemical supply.

The new satellite can administer two chemical products on the same outlet with the option to add an extra outlet for a third product. All three products can be either concentrated or prediluted. As a new feature, the mechanical function selector automatically switches the air supply on/off depending on the function selected. This enables easier operation as well as safeguards the cleaning process by alomost entirely eliminating the risk of faulty use.

The injector is made from PTFE which minimizes deposits with its non-stick properties. This means that the intervals between service of the injector are prolonged.

The satellite is designed and constructed with operational simplicity and durability in mind. Service access to the components inside is easy, and the cabinet is constructed for improved hygiene. The cabinet and the main part of the internal components are made from stainless steel and thus 100% recyclable.

The satellite offers a wide range of combinations and options.

Available with BSP and NPT thread.

*Depending on variant


  • Rinsing, foam application and disinfecting
  • Pressure range: 3-8 or 15-25 bar
  • Two detergent on the same outlet
  • Option to add an outlet for a third product
  • System Cleaners stainless steel needle dosing valve as standard – for decentral chemical supply alternatively click dosing valve or fixed dosing
  • Automatic air on/off
  • PTFE injector
  • Hygienic design
  • High-quality materials with great chemical resistance
  • Intuitive operation with mechanical function selector
  • Available as wall-fixed or mounted on a trolley