S1 Satellite

S1 is a compact satellite station mainly used for rinsing and foam application.


S1 is an excellent, simple solution working with one detergent either as central or decentral chemical supply.

The standard S1 is applicable in a pressure range of 3-8 bar for connection to mains water supply, or 10-25 bar for connection to a boosted water supply from a System Cleaners main station, pump station or booster station. The S1 satellite is available with or without air connection.

The S1 is protected by a stainless-steel cabinet and can be either wall-mounted or fitted to a trolley for mobile cleaning.

Available with BSP and NPT thread.


  • Rinsing and foam application
  • Pressure range: 3-8 or 10-25 bar
  • One chemical inlet for either premixed or concentrated detergents
  • Injector cartridge for easy service
  • System Cleaners stainless steel needle dosing valve as standard – for decentral chemical supply alternatively click dosing valve or fixed dosing
  • Hygienic design
  • High-quality materials with great chemical resistance
  • Intuitive operation with mechanical function selector
  • Available as wall-fixed or mounted on a trolley