S2 Satellite

S2 is a solid satellite station with great operational reliability


The S2 satellite can be used in decentral and central cleaning solutions and can administer one detergent with the option to add a separate outlet for one extra product.

It is applicable in a pressure range of 3-8 bar for connection to mains water supply, or 10-25 bar for connection to a boosted water supply from a System Cleaners main station, pump station or booster station.

It performs rinsing, foam application and disinfection.*

The S2 satellite is protected by a stainless-steel cabinet and can be either wall-fixed or mounted on a trolley for mobile cleaning.

Available with BSP and NPT thread.

*Depending on variant

The S2 is also available as S2 Ocean for trawlers in the commercial fishing industry.


  • Rinsing, foam application and disinfecting
  • Pressure range: 3-8 or 10-25 bar
  • Up to two chemical inlets for either premixed or concentrated detergents
  • System Cleaners stainless steel needle dosing valve as standard – for decentral chemical supply alternatively click dosing valve or fixed dosing
  • Hygienic design
  • High-quality materials with great chemical resistance
  • Intuitive operation with mechanical function selector
  • Available as wall-fixed or mounted on a trolley