VET-68 Sterilolía 500ml

Kema VET-68 Sterile oil NSF-3H/H1 registered

  • NSF -registered 3H/H1
  • All-round lubricant
  • Highly refined
  • Protects against rust
  • Does not discolor finished products
  • Odorless
  • Pharmacopoeia
  • For the food industry
  • Does not pollute
  • Colorless and drip-free
  • Adherent – ​​withstands water and steam rinsing
  • From -18°C to +185°C

Kema VET -68 is a special refined acid-free white oil that meets the medical purity requirements for use in food companies, hospitals and pharmacies.
Used as a lubricant for chains, cables, rollers, cams, conveyors, guide rails, slides, pistons, turning wheels, chain and sprockets. Rust protector and lubricant.
VET -68 has good adhesion and can withstand water and steam rinsing.
Used within a wide range of industries where a completely colorless oil is needed and for lubrication in productions where discoloration of finished products must not occur. Also used within the textile industry as well as in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries, where there are high demands on hygiene and where occasional contact with food cannot be ruled out.
Meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 for use in the food industry and is registered under NSF -3H/H1.

* Kema VET-68 is a special refined acid-free white oil.
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