RTV-650 Rauð háhita 650sil

Kema RTV Gasket silicone

  • Liquid packing
  • Easy application
  • Leak proof
  • Black is malleable where red is fixed
  • Temperature range: -60°C to + 315°C

Kema RTV silicone on aerosol dispenser provides easy application. A strong, versatile and industrial silicone rubber.

Kema RTV Red Gasket: Strong and versatile industrial silicone rubber. Electrically insulating. Bonds to clean metal, glass, vinyl, rubber, plastic and concrete etc. Resistant to oils, diesel oil, transmission oil, lubricants, glycol mixtures, water and steam etc.

NB! Do not use the product on carburetors or other places where the gasket will be in constant contact with gasoline. Replaces gaskets made of cork, paper, felt and rubber.

Particularly suitable for highly compressed engines. Fast and efficient production of gaskets regardless of size and shape. Can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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