MG-270 Fjölfeiti m/Teflon 500m

Kema MG-270 Multigrease

  • High pressure resistant light grease
  • Full synthetic
  • Contains PTFE
  • Adherent
  • Water-repellent and rust-proof
  • From -30°C to +240°C

Kema MG-270 is an odorless fully synthetic high pressure resistant lubricant with very low toxicity. The product has optimal adhesion properties and a great creep effect, as it contains PTFE balls that penetrate everywhere.
MG-270 is suitable for lubrication within the maintenance, sugar, paper and textile manufacturing industries.
The product is used for parts that are exposed to strong influences in the form of oscillations and vibrations. Eg. open gears, racks, sprockets and chains.
Excellent door and window lubricant. Can normally be used together with other oils, as MG-270 is miscible with most organic and synthetic oils.
MG-270 is neutral towards most types of rubber, plastic and varnish. It does not contain metal salts and resists high-pressure washing and steam. The product is resistant to fresh and salt water, provides long-term rust protection and has good acid resistance.

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